Practical Strategists

meeting your most critical business needs with

Realistic Solutions

We believe solutions should be long-term and scalable to fit your business model. We seek to understand the goals for your business/organization nd help you realize them. Strategies are broken down into actionable steps so your organization can work together to produce an incredibly successful result.

Our Values

  • Realistic: We listen for and speak the truth.
  • Responsive: We solve our clients most urgent challenges with creative and innovative solutions.  
  • Results: We use best-practices and mentor our clients to ensure sustainable success.
  • Joyful: We enjoy our work and partnering with our clients to create positive impact, be it around the corner or around the globe.

Our Name: Leveritas Group

Our name was built off two core values, which form the foundation of our organization:

  1. Lifting up others: Our definition of success is helping partner businesses and organizations make a positive difference in a broken world.
  2. Speaking the Truth: To elevate our partners, we believe that the greatest (and yet too often under-used) tool is truth. Therefore we commit to constructively speak the whole truth to our clients and one another.

With a goal of infusing every aspect of the organization with these values, our name is grounded in two Latin root words:

  • lev-  v. to raise up, to lift   adj, light in weight, lightness;
  • veritas  n. truth

Our Leadership Team

Jenny Lockwald-Stewart

Executive Partner

Jenny has 30+ years of diverse executive leadership and strategic business expertise in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors with proficiency in marketing, merchandising, working with product development groups, employee development, and leading teams to exceptional ROIs. Jenny is recognized for her ability to work across multiple stakeholders internally and externally at all levels of an organization while bringing groups with competing goals and views to a focused approach and vision with clearly defined outcomes.

While best known for her leadership abilities and creative marketing and execution expertise, behind the scenes she has directed complex systems involving database development, streamlining processes, and skillfully leading change management. Jenny is a well-connected knowledge manager who can roll up her sleeves and dive into the details as easily as she can lead and direct projects.

Karen Larsen

Managing Partner

After 20+ years experience leading non-profit marketing and fundraising teams, Karen now uses her unique expertise to operationalize complex strategies for her clients, especially in the areas of creating successful products and increasing donor/consumer loyalty and value.  

Karen’s ability to transform complex ideas into tangible results has been the foundation of her success.  A self-confessed “data-geek,” she is a gifted leader who marries quantitative data with the qualitative cultural insights necessary to create sustainable change. Her experience managing a multi-million P&L bestowed her with broad and deep insights for creating and implementing effective organizational culture and design.