Address Urgent Needs
Advance Long-Term Vision

Comprehensive Marketing & Fundraising Strategy

A strategy is only as good as your organization's ability to execute it. Many strategies don’t deliver results because organizations fail in implementing their vision. Winning strategies are designed for and with the front line of your staff and must be understood and adopted throughout the organization.

We see strategy as more than a plan. We work with companies to develop, implement, and integrate strategies that deliver results using the Leveritas 360 Frame©.

  • Organizational, Program, or Product Opportunity Assessment
  • Target Consumer Insights
  • Situation, Competitive & Comparable Analysis
  • Priority Setting
  • Integrated Fundraising Strategy

Maximizing Organizational or Program Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness.png

Successful organizations maximize both efficiency and effectiveness. Identifying process and operational improvements in technology, donor engagement, communication, and process is a quick way to improve your bottom line.

We partner with senior leadership to clarify priorities, allocate resources, and provide more effective approaches to engage people and process.

  • Change Management & Communication 
  • Measurement & Reporting 
  • Process Mapping & Optimization
  • Program Integration 
  • Segmentation & Targeting

Innovative Revenue Generation

Whether you're trying to reach new audiences to creating new products, channels, or initiatives, innovation doesn’t have to be complicated and it shouldn't break the bank.  

The right approach mitigates risk while increasing your likelihood of success. Whether re-engineering an existing program or product, or launching something brand new, we partner with you to design and implement effective approaches.

  • Direct Response Strategy & Design
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • New Donor/Consumer Acquisition
  • New Channel Development
  • Product Development & Re-engineering
  • Donor/Customer Retention & Cultivation

Extended Services

In addition to our internal experts, the Leveritas team includes a network of senior-level partners and highly skilled contract professionals whose expertise will deliver results. They also assist with tactical execution as needed.

  • Visual Design & Brand Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Public and Media relations
  • Direct mail & email production
  • Event Production & Promotion
  • Event Operations & Staffing
  • Retail & Consumer Brand Marketing
  • Information Management
  • Marketing Automation

Looking for something a little different?

If you are looking for things like executive/individual coaching, team building, or board development/engagement, we recommend HTP consulting. HTP Consulting provides straightforward and focused individual and organizational development through understanding, inquiry, and validated methodologies.