Client Partnership - Assessment to Completion

Collaborative Empowerment

Too often the tyranny of the urgent diverts us from those essential factors which ensure long-term goal achievement. A focused strategy buoyed by allocation of the right resources and a supportive culture create the environment needed for sustainable growth. 

The Leveritas 360 Frame©

A focused strategy buoyed by allocation of the right resources and a supportive culture creates the environment needed for sustainable growth. 

We believe the key to long-term sustainable growth lies at the intersection of a focused strategy, a supportive culture, and distribution of resources. Therefore, The Leveritas 360 Frame© addresses all three areas: 

  1. Creating a focused strategy with a plan to communicate and operationalize it. 
  2. Fostering a culture of communication, collaboration, and accountability.
  3. Allocating resources to key initiatives to maximize effectiveness and minimize waste.

We know we have done our job well when the strategies and tactics we foster endure long after our involvement ends.

How we work


Listen to understand: We listen to stakeholders at every level of your organizationfrom your senior team to your front line staffto ensure we understand the breadth and depth of your unique challenges as well as your most dominant and relevant strengths/opportunities.


Analysis & measurement: We systematically and strategically gather data to layer on top of your qualitative input. We benchmark internal historical results with external industry trends to guide evidence-based planning and design.

Detailed Diagnosis: We know that “where there is smoke, there is fire.” Our 360 degree review of your organization not only highlights opportunities, but will take us below the surface to identify systemic root causes for organizational challenges with the potential to derail strategic growth. 

Solution Design: We help you focus on the most important and simplify the rest by identifying the resources and calculated prioritization necessary to develop and execute a winning strategy. 

Collaborative Execution: We work collaboratively to build lasting capabilities into your team and provide guidance for your organization to mobilize for change.